Earthern / Terracotta

We are stockist & wholesaler of terracotta pots, clay pots / earthern pot / fireclay pot / terracotta pot, garden planter. Earthern Clay or terra cotta pots aer porous and dries out more quickly than other materials. The porosity also helps prevent the soil from getting too saturated. You will need to water plants planted in earthern pots more often to stop the soil from getting dry.

Green orchid nursery we stock Terra-cotta (unglazed clay) pots that are made of a clay soil and fired in kilns during the manufacturing process. The rusty brown color of clay is harmonious with every flower and foliage color.

Clay pots provide a healthy environment for most plants. The porosity of clay allows air and moisture to penetrate the sides of the pot. Clay pots also act like a wick to remove excess moisture from the potting soil.

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