Planting and Maintaining a Garden provides an excellent opportunity to access the outdoor environment which can be physically and psychologically beneficial. Their are several tools & products that are designed to make gardening easier on the hands, back and knees, which means its easier to maintain your garden for longer.Browse Green Orchid Nurseries range of Garden Tools, including Watering Equipment, Grass Trimmers, Hedge Trimmers & more.Being leading supplier of garden tools in chennai & madurai we are able to offer Reasonable price - Fast Delivery.


  • Hand Tools

    For your garden makeovers or just doing routine upkeep, every garden needs a good set of hand tools.

    Keeping weeds clear and  soil turned is essential part of maintenance if you want your garden to look its best

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  • Powered Tools

    Green orchid nursery stocks and supplies largest range of top quality power tools. With the right tools for right work any garden can be maintained to its best.

    Powered blow vacum's makes clearing leaves quick and easy, while

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