Interior Landscaping

Green Orchid Nursery provide a comprehensive range of interior landscaping services for Hotels, IT parks, shopping centres - malls, corporate headquarters, and holiday resorts. We also provide rental and maintenance services for containerised plants of all sizes.

  • Consultancy & technical advice
  • Creative planning & design
  • Project management
  • Installation of large exotic plants
  • Irrigation solutions
  • Pest control treatments
  • Ongoing plant maintenance
  • Maintenance of existing schemes


The advantages and benefits of interior landscaping and the use of plants can be measured visually and by bottom line:

  • Creates Pleasant environment where people can work or relax and reduces stress.
  • Better sound absorption.
  • Decreases air temperature and increases humidity to comfort levels, and lowers cooling costs while creating a healthier environment.
  • Reduces sick building syndrome as areas with plants contain fewer airborne moulds and bacteria.
  • Contributes to ‘Green Building’ design considerations.