Plant not only provides us oxygen and food, but they also help us in a variety of ways to lead a comfortable and disease free life. Lush green color of the grass and trees is soothing to eyes. Plants help avoid soil erosion and provide pure oxygen that we breathe. There are about 350,000 plus plant species, their classification gets a little difficult.

At Green Orchid Nursery - Chennai we have all kinds of plants click on the links below to see our full range.

  • Indoor
    In this section of our website, you will find professional indoor plant care information not found elsewhere. It is based on 30years of professional hands-on experience caring for indoor plants in office and residences.
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  • Outdoor
    The Green orchid provides a huge selection of outdoor plants. From bedding to trees, and plants including roses, bamboos, vegetables or climbers. You can find a large choice of outdoor plants to decorate your garden, balcony and terrace in our
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  • Flowering Plants
    Flowering plants are plants that produce flowers as part of their reproductive cycle. The basic structure of a flowering plant are its roots, stem, leaves, flowers and fruit. Our Flowering Plants are a quick and easy way to grow your own basket and
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  • Aquatic Plants
    A Plant that grows partly or wholly in water rooted in the mud, as a lotus. An aquatic plant may experience abundant soil moisture during the entire growing season. The way in which living aquatic plants are treated will have an impact on the case
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  • Fragrant Plants
    Fragrant Plants brings a new dimension to a windowsill. A fresh, spring-like fragrance is a joy on a snowy day. Some Plants, such as the sweet olive (Osmanthus fragrans), are easy to grow and bloom most of the year. Others, such as paper white
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  • Perennial Annual Flowers
    Perennials are easy to grow, colourful, bee-friendly and last for years in the garden, flowering every summer. They are easy to look after too, once established they require very little care but will reward you with a long lasting display year after
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