Trees are nourished by their leaves. Every leaf is a complicated chemical powerhouse where carbon dioxide from the air together with water from the roots is made into carbohydrates under light, a food producing process called photosynthesis. At Green Orchid Nursery - Chennai we have all kinds of trees like Deciduous, Coniferous, and Evergreen trees.

Deciduous trees usually have green leaves that change colour in the fall to bright red, orange or yellow. Most deciduous trees are hardwood, and young deciduous trees tend to grow faster than everygreen trees. Oak trees, fruit and nut trees, and maple trees are all deciduous.

The opposite of deciduous trees are evergreens. Instead of leaves, evergreens usually have darker green shoots or spiky needles. Sometimes the shoots or needless fall, but a new one grows right back in its place.

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  • Fruit Trees

    Fruits are in all shapes, sizes and colors and they have many nutritional benefits of eating fruits every day. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is the best way to enjoy its flavor and texture.

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  • Avenue Trees

    Fantastic tree grown in many different shapes and sizes. Adores hard pruning and therefore lends itself to topiary shapes. 

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  • Saplings
    A Sapling is a tree seedling that has grown sufficiently to be panted in a tree patch. Saplings are an important resource obtained from leaves that allows trees to be grown. 

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