Canistel Tree (Egg Fruit)

Egg fruit season in India is June through July. Farmers have to pick individual ripe fruits off the tree, as they do not ripen uniformally. The eggfruit’s skin is also quite delicate, which causes an additional harvesting burden.Egg fruit grows in Maharashtra throughout the Western Ghats, Kerala, limited parts of Tamil Nadu, and it’s also a hobby fruit in a few gardens within Auroville. The fruit does not have any serious farming efforts behind its cultivation, and generally sulks in the shadow of its immensely popular brother, the sapota. To add insult to injury, some Indians know the fruit as “yellow sapota.” Canistel comes from the southern parts of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. The Aztecs and Mayans, for instance, enjoyed this heart-shaped fruit as long back as 800BC. The fruit’s also native to northern Central America; more specifically, El Salvador, Belize, and Guatemala.When the fruit came to India isn’t exactly known, though it was likely near the time the Philippines received the fruit around 1924. Egg fruit’s popularity is limited to the regions of its origin, as it’s not well-known in Europe nor most countries in Asia. Get in touch with us for small quantities for your rear garden, kitchen garden, home garden or large quantities for farmland development, fruit orchards, fruit farms, real estate layouts or commercial cultivation.

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