Guava Tree

The Guava is a sub-tropical fruit native to central America. It is grown from Florida across the lower south, gulf coastal region to Texas, as an outdoor plant. With a good source of light, it can be grown in containers and brought indoors for growing in northern climates. The Guava is a small tree or evergreen shrub that produces fragrant white flowers followed by 2-4 inch long round or oval shaped fruits. The fruits come in different varieties ranging from white, pink, yellow, or red. When ripe they are soft with a creamy texture. The juice is very sweet and highly nutritious. The trees are generally self-fertile, however they do produce a much larger crop when cross-pollinated with other varieties. Guava trees are easy to grow and are adaptable to many soil types. However, they prefer regular watering and fertilizing on a monthly basis. Willis Orchard Company offers a unique selection of Guava trees (Pink, Yellow, White, and Red). So try one of each for your home orchard, you won't regret it. Get in touch with us for small quantities for your rear garden, kitchen garden, home garden or large quantities for farmland development, fruit orchards, fruit farms, real estate layouts or commercial cultivation.