Mosambi Tree

It is a small tree which may reach 8 m in height. The sweet lemon has irregular branches, and relatively smooth, brownish-grey bark. It possesses numerous thorns which may grow to anywhere from 1.5 to 7.5 cm long. The petioles of the sweet lemon are narrowly but distinctly winged, and are 8 to 29 mm long. It has leaflets rather than leaves, which are obovate and 5.5 to 17 cm long, 2.8 to 8 cm wide. The apex of the leaflet is acuminate, and the base of the leaflet is rounded. Flowers are white in bud and in bloom, ranging from 2 to 3 cm wide. The petals soon fall away, leaving the fruit to grow. The skin of the fruit is light yellow at maturity; the rind is white and about 5 mm thick. The pulp is greenish and the juice is sweet rather than acidic. We also supply large varieties in small quantities for your rear garden, kitchen garden, home garden or large quantities for farmland development, fruit orchards, fruit farms, real estate layouts or commercial cultivation. For Further Details Please Contact us Via Phone ✆ - 09444025417 & Mail - Sales@greenorchid.co.in

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